The definitive guide to construction noise – and how to deal with it

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Flexshield, Australia’s industrial noise control specialists, have produced the ultimate resource for the construction industry.

The Site Noise Mitigation Handbook is  packed with extremely useful information that may well get your project over the line... without incurring any notices from the EPA.

Compiled by the experienced team of acousticians and noise control experts at Flexshield, it covers such topics as:

  • What makes what noise on a construction site
  • Noise theory, and
  • Nightworks

Plus it includes interesting Case Studies, an invaluable Noise Compliance Checklist, provides four proven Suggested Solutions, and conveniently lists every State EPA Authority website for quick and easy reference.

And best of all, this comprehensive handbook is totally free.

Download it now and keep it on hand because one day you WILL need it.